Intestinal lavage and microclysters

Intestinal lavage is a water therapy and procedures during which the colon is injected water of different temperatures and different chemical composition.Intestinal lavage is performed to wash out the contents of the colon and the absorption of toxic substances.It improves the microcirculation in the mucosa, creates conditions for the vital functions of beneficial microorganisms.

Effects of the treatment:

Purgation from toxins, bacteria, products of putrefaction, fermentation and egestas;
Deducing from an organism heavy metals and phenols;
Significant reduction in blood cholesterol level;
Reduction of patients’ overweight with no special relieving diet;
Removal of facial edema;
Skin cleansing from various rashes and increase of skin elasticity;
Improvement of intestinal microflora.

It significantly improves overall health, skin condition and face color, increases efficiency, normalizes intestines activity, increases the body’s resistance.


Chronic colitis, gastritis;
Diseases of the liver and biliary tract;
Skin diseases (eczema, psoriasis);
Metabolic disorder;
Allergic condition.


Acute inflammatory diseases of the abdominal cavity;
Ulcerative lesions of the intestine;
Prolapse, polyps of the rectum,
Complicated hemorrhoids;
Fissures of the anus;
Expressed changes of the cardiovascular system.

The procedure is individual, and it’s conducted hygienically and aesthetically. Fluid intake of the intestine is regulated in accordance with the pressure in the intestine, which is automatically set for a given program.
Intestinal lavage and microclysters are conducted only with the involvement of the purest mineral water, intestinal monitor cleaning allows to carry out intestinal lavage using a decoction of medicinal herbs.

Microclysters differ from all known procedures during which the rectum is injected very small amounts of liquid: 100-200 ml.These practices are recommended at strong aerogenesis, constipations, pain in the lower back, sacrum, hip joints, colitis.Microclysters will help at dryness and peeling of the skin, loss of strength, blackening of skin and weight loss.
Microclysters are contraindicated for pregnant women