Arthritis – is the general name for inflammatory diseases of joints. Arthritis is a widespread disease, which affects people over the forty years and over time, and besides the frequency of this disease is increasing. In the countries of Africa and Asia, arthritis is not so common as in Europe and North America.
1.Redness and swelling in the joint
3.Local temperature increase
4.Limited mobility of the joint.
Unless the conduction of timely treatment of arthritis of the joints, it may cause arthritis with subsequent destruction and immobilization of the joints.

Arthritis of the joints can be an independent disease or concomitant symptom in other (usually systemic) diseases.
In the first case we speak of primary arthritis. The main causes of the disease are:
failures in the immune system;
metabolic disorders in the tissues of the joint and the body as a whole, leading to violation of of regeneration (renovation) of joint tissues.
Secondary arthritis can develop at the joints with systemic lupus erythematosus, psoriasis, hepatitis, and other diseases. It is also distinguished allergic arthritis, which is often a reaction to the medication, as well as traumatic arthritis provoked by traumas of joints.
The wrong treatment of the arthritis leads to arthrosis, and arthritis of the hip joint – to coxarthrosis.

Arthrosis is the generalizing name of joint disease related with progressive degenerative-dystrophic changes in cartilage tissue and subsequent involvement of synovial, ligamentous and skeletal tissues.

There are three stages in the development of arthrosis:
The first stage of arthrosis is characterized by a decrease in amortized ability of the joint and the beginning of dystrophic changes in cartilage tissue. Joint destruction has not yet a pronounced character.
The second stage of arthrosis means the beginning of gradual destruction of joint cartilage tissue and the appearance of bony overgrowths – osteophytes. Pain becomes more expressed. If the treatment of the joints is conducted improperly in this step, arthrosis passes into the third most severe stage.
The third stage of arthrosis means the significant bone deformities, expressed limited joint mobility (contractures) up to complete immobility (ankylosis) or unnatural movement of the jointand intensive inflammatory process and painful syndrome. The third stage of arthrosis finishes with practically complete destruction of the joints and the need for prosthetics.

Arthritis of the coxofemoral (hip) joint, also called coxarthrosis, refers to the most common diseases of the musculature system. The main reason of this disease is the deterioration of blood supply to of joint tissues because of a violation of arterial inflow and venous blood outflow. Other causes of arthrosis of the hip joint – traumas, increased or irrational physical stresses (including overweight), metabolic disorders in the organism and inflammatory process (coxitis).
Arthrosis of the hip joint can appear with pain not only in the region of localization of the disease, but also in the knee, hip and groin. The absence of timely treatment of arthrosis of the hip joint leads to progressive lameness, reduction of the extremities and muscular atrophy.


Treatment of arthritis provides for anti-inflammatory therapy, which is able to eliminate not only the inflammation, but also its cause. To achieve this effect a complex of therapeutic treatments is used in medicine.
Treatment of arthritis is useful to combine with special gymnastics. Recommendations for medical gymnastics (types of exercises, their duration, intensity) doctor prescribes individually based on the specific case of the disease.