Diabetic polyneuropathy, is the nerve lesions that relate to the peripheral nervous system. Diabetic polyneuropathy is a common complication of diabetes. It causes a variety of symptoms.

Feeling of burning or tingling in the hands and feet;
Loss of skin sensitivity to temperature;
Night pains;
Numbness in the extremities;
A feeling chilliness in the extremities;
Swelling of feet;
Dryness and flaking of the skin of limbs;
Increased humidity of feet;
Redness of the feet skin;
Presence of calluses, non-healing wounds and ulcers on the feet;


It should be noted that for the successful treatment of polyneuropathy . It is very important to keep the blood sugar at a normal level, although this does not guarantee that the disease does not develop. Because there are other risk factors: age, smoking, alcohol, obesity, “seniority” of diabetes.
The treatment of diabetic polyneuropathy in our center conducts various therapeutic and rehabilitative procedures.
At correctly selected treatment of diabetic polyneuropathy it is possible to avoid amputation of limbs, stop the process of dying off of nerve endings and save the functionality of feet.
For effectively combating with this type of complications of diabetes the patient should regularly undergo examination by a doctor and follow all recommendations of the endocrinologist.
Massage is becoming a very effective method of therapy in the treatment of diabetic polyneuropathy. After all it has an excellent relaxing effect on the patient, quickly and safely improves blood circulation in the organism as a whole and particularly in the limbs, which is very important, as well as, it perfectly tones up metabolism.