According to the statistics, every second person in the world suffers from osteochondrosis. Despite this disease itself is not fatal, it is occasionally accompanied by severe pains, discomfort, which do not allow a person to move and live in the usual way. In this case treatment of the spine should be started immediately.

Osteochondrosis is a disease of the spine, or rather, its ligamentous apparatus. It is a violation of metabolism in the cartilages between the vertebra.
More often women suffer from osteochondrosis, but this disease affects men much more painful than women. It is generally known that the load on the spine is minimal when a person is lying. But the modern life dictates its own terms – lying we spend very little time, sitting in uncomfortable poses. The cartilages between the vertebra become thinner exhausted by the continuous stress, change their shape and pinch nerves and separate vessels of the spinal column. The person begins to suffer from excruciating pain, can not raise his hand, to turn his head.

So it’s enough to answer a few questions:

Do you occasioanally or permanently feel severity of back pain, muscle strain?
Have you noticed the so-called “goose bumps” on the neck or loin?
Is there “shooting” in back?
Do you feel pain lifting up your hands, turning or tilting your head?
Do you occasionally have dizziness?
Have you had bouts of tinnitus or nausea?

If you answered even one question in the affirmative, we strongly recommend to visit to a neuropathologist. If necessary, the specialist will send you to the roentgen or tomography and will begin the treatment of the spine.


It’s impossible to treat osteochondrosis completely. The deformation of cartilaginous tissues is an irreversible process. In this case, the goal of the treatment of the spine is a suspension of the development of the disease and release of the symptoms which cause discomfort. There are many methods of the treatment of the spine. The attending doctor must determine the appropriate method, because each case is individual.


1.Medicinal treatment. This is classics. Pain medications are assigned in the treatment of the spine, as well as preparations that relieve swelling and inflammation. Various ointments are often used to eliminate pain syndrome. Moreover, a list of medications strengthen blood circulation, relax muscle tissues, promote regeneration of cartilaginous tissues. But it should be noted that the period of such therapy is limited, it must be repeated over and over again.
2.Physiotherapy. To this section applies electrophoresis, magnetic therapy, laser therapy, mud therapy, treatment with current, ultrasound. A doctor should assign a set of procedures, because some of them have a number of contraindications.
3.Therapeutic physical training. If the above methods of treatment are selected individually, physical activity is important for everyone. The specialist will assign a set of exercises depending on the stage and localization of disease. You must memorize the set of exercises and perform daily at home, even after the completion of the treatment.